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The Life and Times of Johnny Manziel

Following the on- and off-field stories of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

Netflix teases potential Johnny Manziel documentary


‘It’s time to just sack up and go play the the game’


PRESS CONFERENCE: Johnny Manziel joins the AAF

Let’s try this again

So what’s going on with Johnny Manziel?

The Heisman legend might end up back on a football field in Texas. Or he might not.

Johnny Manziel is Cold as Balls

Johnny Manziel named Alouettes starting QB




Johnny Manziel will play in the NFL (Spring League) in 2018

And let’s be honest, you’re gonna watch it

Good Morning, Johnny

Is this the end of the end?

Johnny Canada?

Johnny Manziel seems poised to sign a CFL contract

Agent 002 reporting

Master of Disguise John Manziel thwarts international conspiracy

Johnny Manziel Signs $100 Bill for Fan

Johnny seems to be a good sport, signing a "Money Manziel" autograph for a Browns fan.

A note about Cedric Golden's note to Johnny

Cedric Golden wrote an open letter to Johnny Manziel so I decided to write him an open letter about his open letter.

Johnny Football's Big Day

Watch highlights and read social media chatter about Johnny Manziel's first NFL win.

Johnny Manziel 12-yd TD run

Featured Fanshot

Joe Buck Rips Johnny Manziel's Start

Joe Buck, a guy who was handed the keys to his career based on his Father's success, rips a 22 year old QB making his way through his first NFL start. Buck, while in the middle of broadcasting the Seahawks vs. 49er's game today, comes out of left field to completely rip apart Johnny Manziel's first career start. He ends it by saying "Off to Canton ya Go!" almost as if he's got a real problem with Manziel that know one but Joe knows anything about. Thank goodness Aikman jumped in to add a little levity, saying that it was better than his first start. Aikman went 17/35 for 180yds, 0 TDs and 2 INTs in his first start, and whether Buck can believe it or not, he wound up in Canton.

Texans can watch Manziel's first NFL Start

Fox Sports has expanded the coverage area for Cleveland-Cincinnati on Sunday.

Johnny Manziel Touchdown

JFF is doing is thing now.

Manziel at WR for Browns

This is a neat play.

GameThread: Johnny Football vs. The NFL

Johnny Manziel will play in his first NFL game tonight, and the nation will be watching.

Who's buying all these Manziel jerseys?

Manziel is #1 in jersey sales. But who's buying them, and why?

Harlem Globetrotters draft Johnny Manziel

Manziel has some tough decisions to make after being drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters.

Johnny Manziel billboard in Tyler, TX

Former Cowboys fans sprung for a Browns billboard.

Photo: Johnny Manziel inks a contract

Johnny Football signed his deal with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday.

Johnny Manziel agrees to terms with Cleveland

Manziel locked up a lot of guaranteed money in his rookie contract.

Manziel's Money Phone: Original Audio

Guys, you know Johnny isn't going to swear like that.

Johnny Manziel's bizarre lawsuit: We have video

Exclusive video from a hacked Samsung phone.

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The Phrase That Johnny Trademarked

Details about the trademark for "The House That Johnny Built"

Johnny buys beer and shots for College Station bar

Manziel arranged for his favorite bar to provide a free shot and a Miller Lite to everyone watching the draft at Chimy's in College Station.

Cleveland Browns' Maneuvering for Manziel

Let's take a look at what the Browns did last night to get Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel is a Cleveland Brown

After falling further down than any of us expected, Johnny ended up being selected by Cleveland.

GBH 2014 NFL Draft Preview: Johnny Manziel

Our final installment for 2014, we look at Johnny Manziel on Draft Day.


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