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Daily Bull 5.19.16 - Week 1 is going to be so lit

"They're just not makin' fools the way that they used to
They don't come back for more the way I always do
So if you ever change your mind
I'm not very hard to find
You can find me in the phone book under "Blue"
Call me if you need a fool"
- Steve Earle

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

^^^These shoes put ketchup on well done steak^^^

DO YOU SCAMPS KNOW HOW GOOD THIS WILL BE? We're just over three months out. Actual football. Not recruiting bullshit. Not revenue comparison nonsense. Real life rocking football.

As I am wont to do, as the confetti was falling in January on the Tide after yet another National Championship, I was scouring the 2016 Week 1 college football schedule. Gotdamn, y'all. We're in for a bender of truly amazing match ups right out of the gate. We have teams with Natty aspirations that are squaring off before Labor Day and you're sweating through the seat of your unfortunate cargo shorts.

Spend time with your loved ones and maybe crack a book this summer because come Labor Day weekend, here's your itinerary:

Day Date Game Location Time (CT) Network
Thursday Sept. 1 South Carolina at Vanderbilt Nashville 7:00 PM ESPN
Saturday Sept. 3 Georgia Tech vs. Boston College Ireland! 6:30 AM ESPN2
Saturday Sept. 3 Oklahoma at Houston Houston (NRG) 11:00 AM ABC
Saturday Sept. 3 Hawaii at Michigan Ann Arbor 11:00 AM ESPN
Saturday Sept. 3 LSU vs. Wisconsin Green Bay (Lambeau!) 2:30 PM ABC
Saturday Sept. 3 Georgia vs. North Carolina Atlanta (Georgia Dome) 4:30 PM ESPN
Saturday Sept. 3 USC vs. Alabama Arlington (Jerryworld) 7:00 PM ABC
Saturday Sept. 3 Clemson at Auburn Auburn 8:00 PM ESPN
Sunday Sept. 4 Notre Dame at Texas Austin 6:30 PM ABC
Monday Sept. 5 Ole Miss at Florida State Orlando (Citrus Bowl) 7:00 PM ESPN

A few thoughts:

  • Nothing is official yet, but this ESPN release of their schedule in all likelihood means that UCLA at A&M is getting the 2:30 slot on CBS. Get ready to sweat your tender parts off.
  • Tip of the Spurrier visor to A&M, UCLA, Clemson, Auburn, Notre Dame, and (gulp) Texas for playing traditional home-and-home series. All have great campuses and killer football stadiums. Call me olde fashioned, but I tend to prefer college football being played at colleges.
  • If you're a coveted recruit in the state of Texas, you've got decisions to make on how you'll spend your weekend. You're getting invited to massive games at NRG Stadium, Jerryworld, Kyle Field, and DKR.
  • Gotdamn USC and Alabama and their fans playing a marquee game in our backyard in front of our recruits should make you want to vomit. OU playing at NRG is also inducing of nausea.

BEISBOL. Time to dust off whatever the hell that was on Tuesday night against Sam and get back to business. Huge HUGE series commences tonight against No. 6 Ole Miss at Blue Bell. Ole Miss (and A&M to some extent) are fighting for national seeds for the post season. The action starts tonight. Here are your deets:

Thursday 6:00 PM SEC Network
Friday 6:30 PM SEC Network+
Saturday 2:00 PM SEC Network

As my good pal Chuck once said to Ole Miss - "Y'all buy your boat shoes at Target."

Have a helluva Thursday. We love you.