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Lane Kiffin is tweeting off season bitmojis

This man's career arc continues to be a beautiful tapestry of wonder.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin is a MAN. He's 40!

In his scant 40 years on earth, Lane Kiffin has managed to do the following:

  • Become the youngest head coach in NFL history at age 31 (Raiders - FIRED)
  • Become the youngest head coach of a BCS program (Tennessee - FIRED)
  • Ditch Tennessee during crootin' to go back to the probation school (USC - FIRED... on a bus at the airport!)
  • Somehow - some fucking way - this guy, with his toilet paper resume, managed to get a damn good gig with arguably the best college football coach of all time.
Lately, Lane has taken the stodgy, old school Alabama offense and turned it into a balanced kill machine that ravages the best defenses in the country. Professionally, he exists on a North Korean-inspired organizational chart but with less humor and vacation time.

So how's Lane spending his off season?

A few things:
  1. Don't think that dab bitmoji is coincidental. That is Grade A trolling of the very trollable Auburn Tigers.
  2. Picture one of the football staff's young foot soldiers having to utter this sentence to one Nick Saban - "Coach, Lane Kiffin is tweeting bitmojis of dabbing."
  3. Lane Kiffin is a newly-minted bachelor. Imagine the bitmojis being sent to spry Tuscaloosa starlets.
Happy off season.