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Daily Bull 3.3.16

"I got a phone call today
from a girl who walked away
But I hung it up before I heard what it was she had to say

Hey say may
Well I drank all day
Damnit I told her
I'm doin' alright"
- Reckless Kelly

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

SIX MONTHS. Six months, you filthy scamps. Life gets a little sweeter again six months from today. On September 3rd, we get this lineup:

  • Clemson at Auburn
  • Alabama vs. USC (Jerryworld)
  • LSU vs. Wisconsin (Lambeau Field)
  • UCLA at Texas A&M
  • Notre Dame at Texas
  • Houston vs. Oklahoma (NRG Stadium)

I mean... holy shit. That's some watching. That's not even mentioning a Week 1 under card of K-State at Stanford, Georgia vs. North Carolina, and Florida State vs. Ole Miss.

Couple things:

1. There are four MASSIVE games in the state of Texas on September 3rd. Our state's best recruits are going to have decisions to make on where they'll get courted that day.

2. Outsiders want inroads into Texas now more than ever. This state has always produced elite talent by the truckload, but the emergence of marquee neutral site games gives a foothold to dominant programs from around the country. Alabama, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma are coming down to Texas to win a game and impress some 'croots.

SIX MONTHS IS STILL A LONG TIME. Here's a non-exhaustive list of things you could do in six months:

  • Sail the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Start and sequentially sabotage a promising relationship that will ultimately leave you in despair and regret forever
  • Rosetta Stone!
  • Sweat your ass off in a Texas summer
  • Take harp lessons
  • Develop a smoking habit
  • Go to the dentist
  • Watch Aggie basketball win a conference tournament

SPEAKING OF: oh, gang. Saturday. Saturday is the day. Has it sunk in that the Ags might win a conference championship in a revenue sport? I know. The team that lost FIVE straight league games can win the SEC outright. And coached by Billy Kennedy no less! The last time we saw a Kennedy toil and fail forward so handsomely a Massachusetts senator was driving his life literally out of a ditch. Special times.

If you have the means - especially if you're a student - get your ass to Reed on Saturday. Pack that sterile, banal, chiropractor's waiting room of a basketball arena with the Aggie Spirit. Get loose. Get weird. This is college, dammit. When we win, march the fiesta over to Northgate. There ain't much better than partying on Northgate with the sun up after a big win.

Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt | 11 AM | Reed Arena | ESPN2

GUACAMOLE. Our former WEIRDO quarterback doesn't like guac. My vegan GBH co-founder got to vine-ing. Enjoy.