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Von Miller wins Super Bowl MVP

The All-Pro Aggie had a performance for the ages on football's biggest stage.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 to win Super Bowl 50. "Peyton Manning Rides off into the Sunset a Champ" is the story line that the old journalism guard is going to emblazon into history.

But make no mistake.

This Super Bowl was indisputably won by an aggressive, stifling, relentless Broncos' defense. On a unit filled with world class playmakers, Von Miller stood a head above again and was recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl.

Miller had six tackles, two-and-a-half sacks, and forced two huge fumbles  - one leading to a defensive touchdown and the other resulting in a short field for the Denver offense.

Beyond the box score, Von Miller was an absolute monster all night in the Carolina backfield. He made the best quarterback on earth's night long, frustrating, and painful.

Congratulations to Von Miller. He's a fantastic representative of Texas A&M and lives out a certain Good Bull Hunting mantra in perfect form:

football is fun

Forced Fumble #1

Forced Fumble #2