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Daily Bull 7.30.15. A&M vs. Arizona State is near, y'all.

"I don't wanna die in a Super 8 motel... just because somebody's evening didn't go so well... if I ever get back to Bristol I'm better off sleeping in the county jail... I don't wanna die in a Super 8 motel" - Jason Isbell

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

I'm coming to you LIVE from BIG TWELVE COUNTRY, gang! I'm at a Courtyard Marriott by DFW Airport (North). So much character and romance! Holstered phablets on the belts of the weary businessmen who go for those 9-for-1 Jos. A Bank deals. Quite a land we've crafted for ourselves. Bluetooths (teeth?) galore.

heh heh yeah, I'm ColoradoAg I know grass. Shiny Hate Barn is currently having some gorgeous sod put down for grinding. That's right - lay down the speed track for our fleet of WR Ferraris. I'm old school - I wanted the dirt to stay. Make it HATE-ier.

After this post, Robert decided to go back to the viral well and drive the Literalist-Survivalists insane by floating out the maroon turf rumor. Quite a land we've crafted for ourselves.

DID YOU KNOW? Kevin Sumlin and Todd Graham have squared off before. The first time they met they combined for a round100 points! 70-30 Cougar High. My friend Camacho recaps.

QUOTES FROM PLAYERS = GETTING CLOSER. The Batt Sports, which happens to be much better than most professional journo rags, pulled some quotes from players about the QBs, new players, and the upcoming season.

TELEVANGELIST ON THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH? Sounds about right. Todd Graham wears this stupid mega church pastor microphone to coach football. Exhibited here:

Anyway, Graham went on Finebaum yesterday and talked the A&M game.

why. what is that. quick play some gotdamn George Jones.