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Daily Bull 5.14.15

Only daddy that'll walk the line.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

ALRIGHT BEISBOL BOYEEZ DON'T GET SCARED NOW. The Aggie baseball team is in dire need of a series victory to wrap up the regular season before heading to Hoover next week. Action starts tonight in Oxford. The fellas have lost three of their last four series. This ain't peaking. Let's get some mo. Maybe a bench clearing brawl to feel alive. Here's your viewing sched:

  • Thursday | 6:30 | ESPNU
  • Friday | 6:30 | SEC Network+
  • Saturday | 1:30 | SEC Network+
Zimmermann is here to tell you what this all means and the scenarios that might unfold.

Y'ALL LOVE GOING TO THE BARN. The SEC as a whole dominates attendance numbers. Guess who was No. 1 in that dominance and No. 2 nationally? That's right - y'all. Way to go, gang. Declining attendance is a real issue at many schools. Keep filling up that big, beautiful Hate Barn.

SEND LOVE TO CAMACHO BECAUSE PAIN DON'T HURT. We act like dickish little scamps much of the time around these parts. We simply can't leave well enough alone. Anyway, beneath the blog fat and the charred innards is a real heart and we're thinking of and praying for our good buddy Rush (Dr. Norris Camacho) as he gets a treatment on his ticker today up at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota today. Check out his road on his tumblr account here. Give him a shout out on twitter or in the comments here if you would. Fingers crossed that they get him good and loose on drugs so he'll bring all the fiery taeks. Give 'em hell, Doc.

THURSDAY TRENDSDAY Our slightly-regular feature #WednesdayTrendsday took a backseat to "not getting fired from our real jobs" yesterday. However, Chuck was able to throw together an actual graphic using actual statistics gleaned from our readers in yesterday's Daily Bull poll. Here's how our readership breaks down by Texas area code. Not surprisingly, this is also a fairly accurate representation of population density in Texas.