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Daily Bull 12.17.15. What's going on with Kyler Murray?

"Well I watch those ships trails comin' out that big blue sky
Coast to coasters, watch 'em go
And I don't blame 'em one damn bit
If they never look down on this
Ain't much down here they'd want to know

Just Levelland
You could wash your hands
In nothin' but Levelland"
- James McMurtry

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

AS IS NOW WEEKLY TRADISH... WE HAVE QUARTERBACK DRAMA. Are you a reasonable, balanced person when it comes to Texas A&M football? Good. Neither are we. That means you are probably well aware of the SHIT SHOW PART DEUX that commenced on Wednesday afternoon. To recap, some CRUCIAL #industry pay websites started stirring shit up about a meeting between Kyler Murray (with dad!) and Kevin Sumlin.


Well, as of now, nothing. The pay sites did a remarkable job getting everyone in a frenzy with the hanging mention of transfer. As they're wont to do, the pay sites used an impressive amount of words to say absolutely nothing. They hedged all responsibility in case of inaccuracy. Meanwhile, the subscribers got their fix of cutup, shitty black tar heroin. Quite a business in 2015.

But JIMMY what does it MEAN?

Well let's really talk about what we know:

  • The Murrays met with Sumlin
  • Kyler Murray didn't practice yesterday. Wasn't "feeling well"... yeah, same.
  • Sumlin looked like he was ready to take a swing yesterday at the frumpy journos trotting out the inane, #industry questions that were entirely rooted in premature conjecture.
  • Kevin Sumlin expects Kyler Murray to start in the bowl game.
Got it?

Is Kyler Murray gone? There's probably still a damn good chance that's what's happening. Maybe that's fine. The quarterback that gave us the best chance to win an SEC Championship already transferred. Time to get to work with guys that actually want to be at Texas A&M. Maybe that's Kyler. If it is, I hope he gives us an indication that he cares and is willing to work. I dunno. Maybe treat football like a team sport?

GAH SO MUCH DRAMA. WE NEED HATE. Ah hate. Sweet, sweet, balmy hate. We play those hypocritical, new money, cheating televangelists from Waco this weekend! I hope you haven't forgotten how much Baylor sucks. If you have, please read this installment of #HATEWEEK from our basketball guys.


OPEN ENDED POLL TODAY: Who is your favorite walk-on, 2-star, or 3-star Texas A&M football player from the past 10 years?