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Daily Bull 11.20.15: Vandy, Hoops, and Thanksgiving preparations

"I got friends in Nashville, or at least they're folks I know
Nashville is where you go to see if what they said is so
Carl drove his brand new Cadillac to Nashville and he went downtown
This time they promised him a Grammy
He turned his Cadillac around"
- Drive-by Truckers

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

OH MAN VANDY IS GOING TO BE AN ISSUE AREN'T THEY. Persnickety little brats. I just know that this Vandy team and their damn good defense is gonna cause Ag fans to convulse in fits when the offense has to punt three times in the first quarter.

#FACTORY #INDUSTRY #GRIND. Vandy head man Derek Mason is rightfully concerned about the Ag pass rush led by Myles Garrett, even going so far as to give it a special moniker.

They play hard. They've been opportunistic. It's a sack factory.

WOOOO SQUEAKYNETS. Aggie Basketball has been in a bit of a daze over the last few seasons. Sluggish tempo. Inconsistent production. Late-season collapses. (Still on basketball, stick with us.) But this season's off to a tear of a start thanks to the infusion of four top-grade frosh. The Ags won again last night over our beach cousins at TAMUCC 95-70. This is the first time this season the team has dipped below a 100-point output and they're playing an exciting brand of hoopyball so check 'em out if you can.

CAROUSEL MUZAK. Well we all know that Saban to Texas is basically a done deal thanks to that Chip Brown scoop site your friend's cousin gave you the username and password for. So who replaces St. Nick at Bama? Why, a former Tide player and coach of the current #1 team in the land, obviously. Tide fans already want him to quit that faincy dancin' and focus on runnin' the dadgum bawwwwwwlllllllllll.

Roll Tide and have a wonderful weekend.