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Daily Bull 10.8.15

"And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me
And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me

Time can tear down a building, or destroy a woman's face
Hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste"
- Stones

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Adidas Black Ice Now Available!

We all oohed and aahed over the uniforms Aggie Football will wear on Halloween. Now you can purchase several items from Adidas' 2015 Black Ice collection at Aggieland Outfitters.

MUGGIN' IT ON DOWN. I love The Mugdown crew. I lament that this lampooning bunch didn't exist when I was in college about as much as I lament that I didn't have the game to mugdown with coeds in college #bloglyfe. But I digress. It's BYE week, so the adorable, pranking scamps are at it again in The TAILGATE. Watch the Hot Reelz video. Do it. Go watch it right now. It's a treasure.

THERE ARE GOOD DONOVANS AND BAD DONOVANS. There are certain Donovans that grind my gears - namely, the Scottish pop/folk singer and the soccer jilted ex-lover. Then there is a Donovan I love - namely, Donovan Wilson of your fightin' Texas Aggies. I recall early in the Arizona State game when Wilson made his presence known. The man HITS. Frankly, we haven't had many mean, ball-hawking savages in the Back 7 on defense in the last 15 years. We've had hitters that couldn't run, and runners that couldn't hit, and a general overall lack of GETS IT as my man @pftcommenter would say.

Wilson is the real deal, gang. He just has the makeup to be on the football field making plays. He's starting to draw some strong comparisons, like to former Chavis protege Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu. He's versatile enough that some are suggesting he play some at linebacker - an area of critical need for the Aggies as they push through conference play. It's certainly not ideal, but the Ags are going to have to get innovative and creative in areas to go blow for blow with the likes of Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU.

CINCO TECLAS. Our favorite buddy Wheels over at the DMN rag of pomp and impending extinction has FIVE KEYS for the Ags if they're to win the SEC. As expected, be effective in the running game, continued development of Kyle Allen, etc., but I thought a nice point was taking care of the middle of the field on defense. That part of the field has been too much of a cozy nook for the opposition. TOO HOSPITABLE AND #CLASSY, AGS.

[cranks Dix Chix] WIDE OPEN SPACES. You knew this, but my graciousthe Southeastern Conference is wide, wide open as we head into the second weekend of October. We've got some surprises coming down the pike all over this league. This is it. Don't get scared now.

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBAW. We get a couple games that are sure to be more compelling than whatever dregs the Shield tosses out there tonight.

SMU at Houston | 7 PM | ESPN2 | HOU -26

Washington at USC | 8 PM | ESPN | USC -16.5