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Daily Bull 10.15.15

"I am a man who looks after the pigs
Usually I get along okay.
I am man who reveals all he digs,
Should be more careful what I say."
- The Who


GRAB A KNEE, MEN. HELMET IS NOT A CHAIR. [sound of olde film strip cracks]. Hit the lights. We have another installment of education from GBH's own mattywatty. Charts and shit. It's all great. More and more is being added to this A&M offense that coddles and pacifies you incorrigible scamps. We get to see what two weeks' worth of prep for Sumlin and Spav's biggest game of their respective careers yields. If this doesn't get you amped, you're probably excited for basketball season :(

THE INTRICATE DUALITY OF THE SOUTH. We did a Q&A with Rickie Muncie from SB Nation's Roll Bama Roll. Grreeeeeat guy. May have been on ludes when we interviewed him. No matter. The South is a beautiful tapestry of contradictions, stereotypes that make the natives proud, stereotypes that make them cringe, and a constant conundrum on what to do with elements of history. I'm convinced this is why southerners tell the best stories.

OLDER. TOUGHER. MEANER. Our friend Katie Hairopolougreekogous examines what is different between the 2015 version of Texas A&M football and the version that got its skull disintegrated in Tuscaloosa to the tune of 59-0.

CROOTIN' IT. Chips of the blue variety are going to be all over the Hate Barn on Saturday. They're coming for a show. A LOUD show. A W and a big, loud, hospitably nasty Hate Barn could move mountains on Saturday. Mountains = big, fast defensive linemen and linebackers.

Have a helluva Thursday, you guys. Beat the hell outta Alabama.