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Daily Bull 1.8.15

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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RIP PAWL GO DUCKS. Oregon Trail is back, and we've been dickin' off on it because we're #blogGamerz. Dr. Camacho confirmed what you already expected - he's a rural, folksy physician from the 1800's making house calls and penning missives. The good doctor examines what happened in the tragic loss of one Paul Finebaum on the ye olde Oregon Trail.

MINUTES? THASS SOME DAMN BRASS. Reports are trickling out that Sumlin was on the phone with new Ag DC and former LSU DC John Chavis minutes before the Tigers went out and lost to Notre Dame. The Tiger D turned in a listless performance that afternoon by their standards, and Chavis was Aggieland bound shortly thereafter in a ballsy SEC coup.

HATIN' ASS SPURRIER? NAH, THAT'S JUST STEVE. The HBC had things to say about division rival Georgia's new OC, who just so happens to be a former pupil.

Never change, sir.

Have a hell of a Thursday, y'all.