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No Surprise - a lot of people watch bowl games

A breakdown of how many people tuned in.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images compiled the viewing numbers across all the 2014-2015 bowl games, and shocking no one, y'all watch a helluva lot of college football. WELL DONE, TEAM.

Bowl Match-up # of Viewers
National Championship Ohio State vs. Oregon 34.15M
Sugar Bowl (Semifinal) Ohio State vs. Alabama 28.27M
Rose Bowl (Semifinal) Oregon vs. Florida State 28.16M
Cotton Bowl Michigan State vs. Baylor 9.09M
Orange Bowl Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State 8.94M
Fiesta Bowl Boise State vs. Arizona 7.41M
Holiday Bowl USC vs. Nebraska 6.80M
Outback Bowl Wisconsin vs. Auburn 6.42M
Belk Bowl Georgia vs. Louisville 6.41M
Citrus Bowl Missouri vs. Minnesota 5.98M
Texas Bowl Arkansas vs. Texas 5.76M
Alamo Bowl UCLA vs. Kansas State 5.60M
Music City Bowl Notre Dame vs. LSU 5.32M
Peach Bowl TCU vs. Ole Miss 5.01M
Russell Athletic Bowl Clemson vs. Oklahoma 4.90M
Birmingham Bowl Florida vs. ECU 4.48M
Gator Bowl Tennessee vs. Iowa 4.11M
Independence Bowl South Carolina vs. Miami (FL) 4.11M
Cactus Bowl Oklahoma State vs. Washington 4.03M
Pinstripe Bowl Penn State vs. Boston College 3.96M
Liberty Bowl Texas A&M vs. West Virginia 3.30M
San Francisco Bowl Stanford vs. Maryland 3.24M
St. Petersburg Bowl NC State vs. UCF 3.27M
Military Bowl Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati 2.92M
Quick Lane Bowl Rutgers vs. UNC 2.87M
Poinsettia Bowl Navy vs. San Diego State 2.46M
New Orleans Bowl UL-Lafayette vs. Nevada 2.25M
Heart of Dallas Bowl Louisiana Tech vs. Illinois 2.34M
Armed Forces Bowl Houston vs. Pittsburgh 2.11M
Boca Raton Bowl Marshall vs. Northern Illinois 2.25M
Las Vegas Bowl Utah vs. Colorado State 2.12M
New Mexico Bowl Utah State vs. UTEP 1.92M
Hawaii Bowl Rice vs. Fresno State 1.91M
Bahamas Bowl Western Kentucky vs. Central Michigan 1.50M
Potato Bowl Air Force vs. Western Michigan 1.45M
GoDaddy Bowl Toledo vs. Arkansas State 1.37M
Miami Beach Bowl Memphis vs. BYU 1.32M
Camellia Bowl Bowling Green vs. South Alabama 1.11M

Some ruminations:

  • The common take that there are "way too many bowl games" doesn't hold water when you look at TV numbers. Even the "bad" bowl games are a nice boon for ESPN. Anything over a couple million for some weekday live programming ain't shabby at all.
  • Big shocker - the playoff is a BEAST. Three games all hovering around 30 million viewers each. If the stooges in suits expand this thing, this will be the impetus.
  • The "BCS" bowls that were not part of this year's playoff saw drops in their numbers. This makes some sense as they've been marginalized. I had to think for a couple beats about who won the Mississippi State-Georgia Tech game that happened just a couple weeks ago in the "prestigious" Orange Bowl.
  • It's easy to miss that Texas A&M-West Virginia number in the shuffle. Looks relatively paltry, doesn't it? Don't forget - this game was played in the middle of what was a workday for most Americans. To give 3.3 million viewers some context, this figure is right around what many primetime MLB playoff games get. Kind of staggering for the little ol' Liberty Bowl. It was also the bowl's highest number in four years.
People really, really like watching college football. God bless 'em for it.

What figures stick out to you?