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Daily Bull 9.26.14

"Thrift store cowboys, five and dime junkies / Red dirt plowboys, asphalt monkeys / Holy rollers, signal callers / Truck stop angels, backstreet brawlers / Van Zandt groupies, guitar slingers / Hallelujah gospel singers / Freight-train mamas, pistol shooters / My first girlfriend works at Hooters / Beans and biscuits in my cupboard / Listen to Ray Wylie Hubbard / All gone down on the road tonight" - Hayes Carll

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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MORE ELITE THAN NFC EAST IMHO. The SEC West has never had five teams ranked and undefeated this late in the season. Are we talking about a group of programs so ELITE they transcend life itself? PAWL, where are my pants? Team Speed Kills gives us some perspective on the elititude of the SEC West.

MOAR ELITE, YOU GUYS. Never accuse football journos things like "original thought" or "owning a thesaurus". ESPN's SEC blog is here to tell you who IS and - more importantly - who is NOT ELITE.

HERE COME THE IRISH. News dropped yesterday that the Ags and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame have agreed to a home-and-home series - YES. In 2024-2025 - NO WE'LL BE DEAD. I hold a degree from both of these skools and much of my family went to Notre Dame (I'm the lone Ag). More to come on this series - it'll be a damn blast. These schools have far more in common than might initially meet the eye. Oh, and Eric Hyman is still a thing, not mute, and he talks in the press release - nifty.

WHAT TO WATCH. Pretty choppy set of football games this weekend, but the merry band of idiots from GBH is here to tell you what they're watching and how as they shirk all personal and societal responsibilities.

HAVE THEY LOST FOCUS? Phhhwph. Please.