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Daily Bull 9.25.14

"Talking tough is easy when it’s other peoples’ evil, and you’re judging what they do or don’t believe... It seems to me you’d have to have a hole in your own to point a finger at somebody else’s sheet" - Drive-By Truckers

Ronald Martinez

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FOOTBAW NAWLEDGE. When I want the brass tacks on how this complicatedly simple game works, I read whatever Bill Connelly is putting out over at the SB Nation mothership. Here's his preview for Ags-Pigs. There are some super-compelling themes in the different styles of offense, the WTF-now-it's-3rd-Down, etc.

THIS IS IT - DON'T GET SCARED NOW. Our man oscarwildecat is here to put some context to where our program is at in this season. After a marquee road game, we've kind of lulled to sleep with some cake, and shit is about to get real starting Saturday. Really real.

OUR MULLETED MAN IS SMART. I enjoyed this piece on our pal and defensive lineman Jay Arnold. We have our favorites here at GBH - Eazy, Shark Hurd Jr., Kaser, etc. Jay Arnold is at that level. Happy early birthday, Sasquatch. Dine on Saturday.

ACROSTICRACY. October is next week and it is important that you know what's cooking around the country. Wordsmith savant Spencer Hall brushes you up on the demur happenings of college football in his The Acrostical.