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Daily Bull 9.19.14

"I'm goin' through the big D and don't mean Dallas... I can't believe what the judge had to tell us... I got the Jeep she got the palace... I'm goin' through the big D and don't mean Dallas"...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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HAPPY TRAILS, REV. The First Lady of Aggieland is getting her pension and gold watch. That's right - Reveille XIII is retiring. A 12 member committee is being formed to perform a nationwide search for Reveille IX because academia and committees are efficient and no no no no Texas A&M is totally normal. What? You didn't go through this process when you got a dog? So... much... low hanging fruit... Just keep reading GBH, mmkay?

ASS, CASH, OR GRASS. The Hate Barn is already getting some new playing pelt after the heavy rains mangled the field for the Rice game. Be grateful that you love a school that can scratch off a $300,000 check without batting an eye for some new grass. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I'm pretty old school and kind of think we should just do some field turf.

MORE CASH. GBH's Keegan is here to bushwhack you through another week of Vegas lines - just for fun - not for actual $$$$$. Meanwhile, the merry band of idiot college football hipsters tells you what they're watching, eating, and drinking this weekend.

CAPS. String is all strung out and has your ALL CAPS preview. Snort it the way a fake Dallas starlet snorts some bad blow in da club bathroom.

Have a great weekend, y'all. BTHO SMU. Hug The Hell Outta each other.