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Daily Bull 9.18.14

"Now Dallas is a woman who will walk on you when you’re down... But when you are up, she’s the kind you want to take around. Now Dallas ain’t a woman to help you get your feet on the ground... And Dallas is a woman who will walk on you when you’re down." - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

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NEXT CROOT UP. 4-Star WR recruit Demarkus Lodge has opened up his recruitment after initially pledging to the Ags. Claiming that he made his initial decision in haste and has since seen our depth at WR, Lodge is going to look around. Hard to fault the guy. Sumlin and Spav could run 10-wide with some mops and duct tape and put up stupid numbers on O.

BIG 12 SCHADENFREUDE. Did Tech and Texas both lose on Saturday? By God they sure did. This Week in Schadenfreude shows that it isn't just Ags who completely meltdown when shit is hitting the fan.

HE'S A DOCTOR. HE MAKES HOUSE BLOG CALLS. There is a mighty fine dish of savory college football tonight as the Auburn Tigers travel to the Little Apple to take on Wizard Methuselah Snyder and the K-State Wildcats. Dr. Camacho stopped by and visited with our buds at Bring on the Cats to diagnose Auburn.

MOTORIN'. We're only in the third week of September, and true frosh Myles Garrett keeps turning heads. Big, fast freek is sure to dine on Saturday in Highland Park on some decadent Shetland pony.

BEST OF THE NEW RIVALRIES. College ball has endured a helluva lot of change in the last five years. Gone (or paused) are many of the bitter rivalries you grew up with and in are some new folk to try and hate. Here's an interesting list of the best new rivalries. The Ags are in there, but against who?

PULSATING. The latest installment of the remarkably well produced The Pulse dropped yesterday. Get your fix on what is going on with the team while they aren't kicking ass on Saturdays.