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Daily Bull 9.12.14

"Out here in the middle, Where the buffalo roam, We're putting up towers for your cell phones... And we screen all applicants, With a fine tooth comb... Wish you were here my love" - James McMurtry. [looks at the new statues and escalators][kinda misses the old Hate Barn]

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1. TRILL & 1A. ROOKIE TRILL. It seems almost too good to be true, but the healthy bond and competition between Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen seems genuine. Brent Z examines. It'll be a damn coup if the year is 2016 and we have Hill, Allen, Murray, Sumlin, and Spav all in Aggieland. Meanwhile, on the 40 Acres, they're reaching out to fraternity men who went to elite Houston private schools to play quarterback. Look, I love watching y'all suffer, but what the hell? Welcome to the utter joy in coaching purgatory transitions. What do y'all get to blame on Mack? What do you blame on Charlie? CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. (Spoiler: either path, the ending is less than six wins).

LET'S WATCH BALL, Y'ALL. Get weird and crack wise with us about the non-Ag games you'll be watching this weekend in our GBH WATCH LIST. A lot of them are terrible, which makes for good joke fodder on and GBH open threads. Join us, won't you?

DINE. ON OWL. Miles Garrett is going to have a ballsy performance Saturday night. MG - if you're reading this, can I request some "choppin D's" as an homage to Von Miller?

HIGH SCHOOL MULE KICK FAR. In the off chance our offense ever stalls out in the future on our own 48 yard line (lulz), then rest assured because Aggie commit Daniel LaCamera (spanish for "the camera") has the leg for 68 yard field goals. He's a high schooler, gang. (Thanks to Bret C. for the vid)

WE LOVE YOU TOO you beautiful F'in Sasquatch of a man.

NO POLL. I'd rather have a Town Hall and give you animals a bigger voice.

/immediately regrets decision

Question: what is your favorite stretch of road in Texas for a drive? Stretch of road = 25-100 miles.