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Daily Bull 9.11.14

"I'm sharing a room with two guys over at the motel 6, boss... sending every dime I make here home to my ex-wife. Just did two years and 28 days... with a little better aim i'd been in there for my life... so you see, broke won't take much getting used to... neither will a barb wire jail house wall... watch what you say to someone with nothing, it's almost like having it all." - Todd Snider

Bob Levey

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GIFS BUT THEY'RE STATIC AND WAY BETTER. Amigo of GBH - Will Leverett - compiled just a deluxe photo gallery from the Lamar game this past weekend. This is some really good stuff of the new Hate Barn and action. Give the man a follow on the Twitter.

YOU ASKED, GBH UH... ANSWERED? I don't know how the hell Reddit works, but ol' Cup did an AMA over there yesterday if you want some insights into how the GBH sausage is made. If you have further (interesting) questions, fire away in the comments and you may get an answer.

BENIHANA: ASIAN HOOTERS. Kenny Hill wanted to thank the big uglies who have kept his uniform clean and launched him into the Heisman race. Naturally, he took the offensive line out to eat hibachi.

Never forget. Prayers go out to my favorite city in the world today and the other locales that were so gravely impacted 13 years ago.

Have a bang-up Thursday, y'all. Be good to one another. Gig 'em.