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Daily Bull 8.8.14

"I was born in the wintertime underneath the purple sky... packed my things at seventeen and I kissed my folks goodbye... got no complaints, no regrets, I got no grand design, I'll ride the horse that brought me here 'til I cross that finish line" - Robert Earl Keen

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

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LET'S EAT FATTY BRISKET AND TALK O-LINE TECHNIQUE. Nice piece here over at on what's shaking with the offensive line in Fall Camp. Matthews is driving the show as a lot of talent around him is moving around to new slots on the line.

TWO-A-DAYS ON MTV. Remember that show? John Parker Wilson Roll Tide? Well the Fighting Texas Aggie football team kicked off two-a-days yesterday. Dig into some breakfast ball deets.

NCAA BUSINESS/LEGAL MATTERS OF IMPORT. Institutions are trying to figure out how to handle this whole "free labor" matter with student-athletes while still retaining their "not-for-profit" business model. Amateurism - it's a gas! Anyway, the chasm between the haves and have-nots in college athletics is seemingly going to continue to grow. And maybe that's a good thing. Autonomy, or "streamlined collusion", of the Power 5 as its laid out here could put some structure around schools with wildly different agendas and resources.

#2 WILL BE QB2 FOR TOMORROW. Manziel makes his NFL debut tomorrow night (6:30, NFL Network) in Detroit and will do so as the backup to Browns' incumbent Brian Hoyer. If there is anything that could get me to give a damn about preseason ball, it's Johnboy Football.

MIC HIM UP, GANG. I'm super jacked about what Coach Terry Price is going to do with a young, talented, raw defense. Here's some good footage from showcasing coach.


I hope y'all have enjoyed the polls for your 18 year old self on which college you'd choose. We've done the SEC and Pac-12 and you young, ambitious whippersnappers have selected Vandy and Stanford. You really value your educations - good! You might have deluded views of self and your abilities - bad!

A reminder:

"GBH Honor Code - don't you dare pick a school that you couldn't have gotten into."

And now, some conference called The B1G.