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Daily Bull 8.7.14

“Don’t call what you’re wearing an outfit... Don’t ever say your car is broke... Don’t worry about losing your accent, A Southern man tells better jokes” - Drive-By Truckers. Three weeks until actual, delicious Aggie football.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

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PADS CRACKIN', TWO-A-DAYS COMIN'. The fellas practiced in pads for the first time in Fall Camp. Today, the swass really starts flowing with the first two-a-day.

NETWORKING. The most crucial network in the history of media has its debutante ball in a week or so. Our pals at Dawg Nation, SB Nation's Georgia site, paid an exclusive visit to the SEC Network's spiffy headquarters in Charlotte. Their experience is worth a read.

SO PRETTY AND PLASTICKY. The new set looks pretty shiny and futuristic. It should compliment Finebaum's cue ball and Tebow's hair gel handsomely.

THIS IS GOOD SEC CHATTER. Only a few women talk to us (holler, babes #bloglyfe) and one of them is Grantland's Holly Anderson. She dishes all the pertinent SEC goods in this here preview.


I'm going to do these polls for all Power 5 leagues because y'all seemed to like the SEC one last week. Today? PAC! GBH Honor Code - don't you dare pick a school that you couldn't have gotten into. Sure, I would have loved going to Stanford, but I can barely read and I got a D+ in high school chemistry. True story, the first college I applied to was Arizona State - and was accepted! Point is, be honest.