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Daily Bull 8.29.14

"Ridin' down the highway... Goin' to a show... Stop in all the byways... Playin' rock 'n' roll... Gettin' robbed... Gettin' stoned... Gettin' beat up... Broken boned... Gettin' had... Gettin' took... I tell you folks... It's harder than it looks... It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll... It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll... If you think it's easy doin' one night stands... Try playin' in a rock roll band... It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll"

Grant Halverson

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That was a special kind of sports last night, you guys. That was a perfect recipe of:

  • Overflowing anticipation leading to Game 1 of the season
  • "OMG Johnny is gone is Texas A&M football gone too?!" - National blowhards
  • Calculating (and often accurate) Vegas with the home team as a double digit favorite
  • Tons of unknowns
  • A quarterback dude tasked with filling MASSIVE shoes. On the road. His first start ever.
I wrote this in yesterday's DB:
It’s conceding that none of us know anything really. There are no experts. Anything might happen tonight and having it any other way would be tedious.

Anything did happen and nothing was tedious. The offense we saw last night was a swagged out Escalade with a Lamborghini engine. And a gun rack and GBH bumper sticker.

Last night is what makes all the frustrating, helpless, idiotic, and depressing things about sports all worth it. Compare how you felt last night to the opener in 2008. Shrinks would take a pass on a case with that kind of manic depression.

We got yer sorry butts covered on putting a beautiful bow on that game. Makes for a helluva Labor Day, nuhmean?

LISTEN. HE'S A DOCTOR. Camacho is back with one of my favorite features - By the Numbers. Query for the engineers - is 511 a big number?

RECAP FROM STRING. String has a nice, crisp recap on what we saw last night. Key in on his Bottom Line. Preseason polls are really silly and there are going to be more "upsets" this weekend. The market (polling) might over-correct big time. South Carolina might fall too far. A&M might rise too high. I'm still of the belief that USC is a very good football team and will be in the mix in the East in November. As for A&M... we really get to know more in October.

WHAT? WHAT. Coolest, baddest, realest coach in college football, gang. That's what.


That is methodically, cryptically destroying a defense.

We have all sorts of useful and dumb content coming your way before the holiday weekend. Finally, I said I'd eat a pair of old Sperry Topsiders if the A&M D held Carolina to under 250 yards rushing. I WAS NOT CLOSE THIS IS GOOD WHOOP. Ideally, I'd like to live through the football season, so if any of y'all chefs know how to prepare shoes for consumption, I'm all ears. I'm thinking smoked low and slow with some crow confit.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, Ags. We love y'all. Gig 'em.

P.S. - could the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band play "Sandstorm" when Cock visits next year?