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Daily Bull 8.22.14

We roll tonight to the guitar bite...

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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WORD ASSOCIATION. Coaches were asked to describe where their teams are in just one word. The SEC responses are here. I was hoping for more 'grizzled', 'blitzkrieg-ey', 'smoove', and 'idiotic', but these are football coaches, not rap lyrical wizards.

HEYO, Z. Writing (credentialed) friend Brent Zwerneman takes his stab at a preview for the 2014 Texas A&M football team. Get enraged, kool aid addicts. Z only predicts seven wins and a bowl trip to... Memphis.

I'LL GUESS I'LL LINK TO THESE DOPES. The DMN continues its morphing into Bleacher Report with a compellingly askew August headline and a bunch of gibberish. The DMN always asks for us to link to them, but I'm not really in the slideshow/sincere troll friendship business. Rich Gosselin is surprised Kevin Sumlin is still in College Station. Normal story line seven days before the season.

HAVE YOU SCOPED THIS? The all-encompassing College Football Preview at the mothership is a damn beaut and the best of the best on the internet. It's Friday in August. Don't burn too many calories with actual work. Time to bone up on some football.

DO YOU EVEN LIFT, SIP? Something called the "Active Times" ranked Texas A&M as the fittest university in America. Way to go, y'all. That's no small feat considering how unhealthy the rest of this great state is. As for me, I dictate the Daily Bull to an intern while doing lat pull downs shirtless. s/o to reader Marilyn D for the link.

GAH HE'S SO KOOL AND KOLLECTED. This little video clip with Bruce Feldman and Kliff Kingsbury is worth a watch. Keep an eye on Tech in the Big Dumpster this year. Man, the Raider faithful are going to absolutely lose their minds when Kliff leaves Lubbock for the Miami job in a couple years.