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Daily Bull 8.21.14

One week. Holy shit.

Streeter Lecka

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EX-TRE EX-TRE READ ALL ABOUT IT. Fresh off the presses, Gamecock RB and requisite bad ass Mike Davis might not be ready for the start a week from tonight in Columbia. I never like to see a fella injured, but surely the Heisman hopeful was looking at our Front 7 -- pretty little maids, all in a row -- and licking his chops. The Cocks are plenty deep so the game plan shouldn't shift much on their end and I made it through the first part of that sentence without a sophomoric joke.

PRESSER STUFF. Our invite must have got lost in the mail, but the football team did their game week press conference yesterday due to the Thursday kickoff. Sumlin was owning, per usual.

A DEPTH CHART - WRITTEN IN PENCIL. The depth chart to start the season was released yesterday. We'll see what's up with the blue chips on defense right quick. Dear god we're green on that side of the football.

COACH SPAV DISHES ON KENNETH FOOTBALL. Sammy Khan spoke with Jake Spavital about the decision to start the season with Kenny Hill under center. We have had an embarrassment of riches at the quarterback position and never take that for granted.

PROJECTIONS - DO YOU LIKE NEW YEAR'S IN TAMPA? August previews are basically iron clad correct. Jerry Palm at CBS has already served up some bowl game projections for this season and he has the Ags going Outback to face Nebraska.

A FORECAST THAT'S ACTUALLY USEFUL. Our father, EDSBS's Spencer Hall (Barry Switzer is our step-dad), has a preview for all 112 SEC football games this season. It's August. It's hotter than hell. We're looking for any calorie to help get us over the offseason finish line.

CARTOGRAPHY. I'm a total map geek. I love 'em. My résumé reads "Knows all 50 state capitals by heart, Texas A&M, Good Bull Hunting". That's it. Here's a nifty piece featuring 25 maps that explain the history and current state of college football.