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Daily Bull 8.15.14

"Dealin' cards with an old man in the club car... penny a point, ain't no one keepin' score... pass that paper bag that holds the bottle, and feel the wheels a rumbling neath the floor... and the sons of poor men porters and the sons of engineers, ride their father's magic carpet made of steel... mothers with their babes asleep rockin' to that gentle beat... and the rhythm of the rails is all they feel...Good morning America, how are ya?..."

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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CHILLS. I really, really liked the opening montage for the SEC Network yesterday. This is going to be a dadgum ball. Show of hands of who misses the Big 12... [everyone laughs maniacally] [fires off a couple Freedom Rockets] [peels out in El Camino]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY I GUESS. It was also Tim Tebow's birthday yesterday, so the network celebrated with a cake. Sadly for Tim, a hot girl holding an NFL caliber arm did not come out of the cake.

SMH 'MOVIES' BETTER BE CODE FOR 'FILM ROOM', COACH. The fellas are busting their asses through two-a-days, so Sumlin decided to give them a little surprise. Scope out the video. Good stuff.

SPAV SEEMS CHILL. Our bud Sammy Khan over at ESPN caught up with Jack Spavital about that little lingering thing of replacing Johnny.

ROLL CALL. Who's going to be at this stadium in 13 days?


18 year old YOU is still slogging through college choices in the Power 5 conferences. You're doing great! Here are the leaders so far:

SEC (non-A&M): Vandy

Pac-12: Stanford

B1G: Michigan State

ACC: Clemson

Oh, man. Today might get ugly. Big Dumpster Fire time!