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Daily Bull 8.1.14

Hey, we play football this month.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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SURE LOOKS SLICK, COACH. Many eyes (including recruits') were directed toward the shiny new Bright Complex digs yesterday. Sure, the barber shop is nice, but when do we get a tattoo parlor and a Dry Bean in the locker room?

YOU THINK YOU'RE TIRED OF TALKING OFFSEASON? Sumlin has to be dying to put this offseason to bed. He talked about the off-field issues and shaping young men while probably daydreaming about a Kyle Allen Four Verts play call.

WE'RE PROBABLY PROPERLY RESPECTED, PAUL. A Top 25 poll dropped yesterday and gave the cretin masses something to mob over. The Ags came in at No. 20 which seemed a little high to this author until I realized what teams were ranked around us. IMO, the offense is probably not being given enough credit and the defense, well... July polls are written in blood and you can mortgage your mobile home on these forecasts, gang. Here's Stew Mandel on teams that might not be ranked where they should be, though. (ahem, horns). If you need help forming an iron clad argument on the merits of overrated/rated/underrated, utilize this.

BASKETBALL, IF YOU MUST. Jamal Jones, the Ag hoops' points leader this season, decided to leave early with a year of eligibility remaining. He's decided to take his talents to the D-League as he prepares for the 2015 NBA Draft.


Have a helluva weekend, y'all. We