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Daily Bull 7.8.14

"Well I'm a honky tonk man and I can't seem to stop... I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of an old juke box... But when my money's all gone, I'm on the telephone singing... Hey, hey, mama can your daddy come home" - Yoakam

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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MORE BARN. A panel of experts (sup, Bruce Felds) ranked the best stadiums and Kyle came in fourth after Autzen, Tiger Stadium, and Ohio Stadium. No real gripes on my end as the Hate Barn continues its ascent towards its quincearnera in 2015.

WATCH THIS LIST. The Rimington Trophy Watch List was released yesterday, and Mike Matthews is represented. The list is robust and akin to a participation ribbon, but still serves as a July feather in the cap for Mike.

SPENCER. JOHNNY. FAMILY. Our blog dad at SB Nation, Spencer Hall, got around cameras and people (ZOMG) yesterday on Fox Sports Live. Spencer details how Johnny Manziel has made your family closer than it has ever been. Oh, and that mustache... swoooooooooon.

FAST, SLITHERY WEAPONS. The DMN takes a peek at our embarrassment of riches at the wide out position and projects some starters. They also talk about our TE which is comical because 1. we don't know what TE is. 2. DMN tries so hard.

THIS IS SEC BAWL, PAWWWL. We're still new to the league, but let this serve as an example of what your fandom needs to look like if you want to start winning championships the way Bama does. Obesity + body paint + tattoos divided by IQ = SEC championships. #science

Have a lovely Tuesday, you filthy animals. Camacho returns tomorrow, but I might give you cheerleaders on Thursday if you behave.