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Daily Bull 7.7.14

"This old porch is a steamin' greasy plate of enchiladas... with lots of cheese and onions and a guacamole salad..."

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

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BARN UPDATE. Things continue to roll along nicely in the construction of the new Hate Barn.

IS HE AS ELITE AS JOE FLACCO? Kyler Murray tore up the Nike Elite 11 camp over the weekend. The Opening commences today, so stay tuned for updates of the 5-star Ag legacy.

NOT LAST. Our pals at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls (State's SB Nation blog) are doing SEC position rankings. They lead off with the defensive lines. Uh, there is a lot to prove this year.

MEMO TO UNCLE NATE. Make sure everyone hanging around Johnny is camera-less. Time to bring back these puppies:

I know you whippersnapper scamps are too young to remember these beauts. Such a power move. You know you've made it when you're paying $4.00 per minute and closing deals via the brick. They're also yeyo friendly! Just watch Wall Street. Plenty more to come on this...

Have a helluva Monday, gang. Hope you aren't too banged up after the three day weekend.