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Daily Bull 7.17.14

"It's a busted old town, the plains of West Texas... The drugstore's closed down, the rivers run dry... The semis roll through like stainless steel stallions... Goin' hard, goin' fast, goin' wild, rollin' hard, rollin' fast, rollin' by..." - REK. SIX weeks until we tee up a football, Australian Party Kid.


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JOURNOS BE VOTING. The 2014 Preseason All-SEC Team was released this morning. Groupthink and name recognition abound as real sports journalists fulfill their civic duty of electing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams for the best conference in the land. No big surprises. Cedric, Deshazor, Drew, and Trey get their due. The rest of our offensive line is comically absent. I also can't help but fancy a world where Tra and Trey each get 20 touches per game. Oh, and we're picked to finish sixth in the West. Apparently the scribes in pleated Dockers aren't bullish on our defense or life sans Johnny.

TACKLE U. Pretty compelling story here from Bruce Feldman on Cedric Ogbuehi's decision process when weighing the options of the NFL or his senior year at A&M. Through a reasonable loophole, A&M was able to foot the bill for the projected first round pick's insurance policy lest something truly unfortunate happens on the gridiron.

COACH YESSIR MAKING THE ROUNDS. Sumlin was in Dallas last night for the city's Coach's Night. He kicked a little ass and charmed, per usual. He even explained how the term "YESSIR" came to be.

MORE COACH. A young lad (and probable GBH commenter) asked Sumlin last night what he planned to use Speedy Noil for. Coach just grinned and said "touchdowns". Fran and Sherm, he ain't.

BEST DRESSED AT THE ESPYs GOES TO... Silly non-award shows deserve these types of wardrobes. Pensive. Thoughtful. Stoic. Cowboy. Von fucking Miller, y'all.

S/O to Derek and Toad for their stellar work at Media Days. Neither were arrested and the hotel isn't on fire. Whoop.

And finally...