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Daily Bull 7.10.14

"You say you're not from Texas... Man as if I couldn't tell... You think you pull your boots on right... And wear your hat so well... So pardon me my laughter... 'Cause I sure do understand... Even Moses got excited... When he saw the promised land" - Lyle Lovett. We tee up a football in SEVEN weeks, y'all.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

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SPIKE THE KOOL-AID WITH EVERCLEAR AND MOLLY. One of the better football journos around, Stewart Mandel, was asked who this year's Auburn might be. You know, the team that no one is talking about that kicks some shit. His response:

I’ve noticed Texas A&M isn’t showing up in many Top 25s. That seems like a mistake. Yes, Johnny Football is gone, but does anyone really think a Kevin Sumlin-coached offense is going to struggle at quarterback? Doubtful. There’s still plenty of playmakers on that side of the ball. The Aggies’ problem last year of course was its defense, last seen making Duke quarterback Anthony Boone look like Peyton Manning. But A&M could not have been younger or thinner on defense in 2013. With 10 starters back they should be much improved, and a return to 10-win territory – and thus playoff contention – is not inconceivable.

COACH DIGS THE NEW BARN. Sumlin is heaping high praise on the new Kyle Field. DMN has some random stats like number of light fixtures if you're into that stuff.

AN OBJECTIVE 3RD PARTY TALKS TEXAS V. TEXAS A&M. Jason Kirk is all balls. He posits in regard to UT:

You care about Texas A&M. If you can't see that, that's fine, because everyone else can.

He's also correct in Aggies caring way too damn much about everything. That makes us endearing and lovable, IMO. I've been loud and steadfast in my desire to play the Horns again. I'm one of those weird types that thinks schools who hate each other should play each other in college football. I can already hear the ol' "A&M has nothing to gain yadda bullshit"...

TIGHT ASS STATES PLAY GROWN MAN FOOTBALL. Apropos of nothing, here is a map showing which states are the most uptight. The Pac 12 is like whatevs hella bong load Oregon unis surf brah. Uptight states binge drink more, so there's that.

SUPER FREAK. Bruce Feldman takes a gander at the Top 10 Freaks from the 2015 recruiting class. The Ags are in play for three of 'em, which is nice.

AIN'T THAT FLICK PURTY. Ag commits continue to wreck shop at The Opening. Here is a game-winning throw from Kyler Murray:


Have a bang-up Thursday, gang. In programming news, I'm moving back to Texas from Colorado. I'm moving to Houston because I like Aggies, I hate zoning, I like food, and I like to sweat. If any of y'all want to be face-to-face friends (frightening), lemme know.