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Daily Bull 12.19.14. Take a knee.

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Gather round, team.

It was a big day for the recruiting #industry as slovenly middle aged men crammed into a high school auditorium early on a Friday morning to hear the intentions of a 17 year old. Cameras and everything.

No no you don't understand this is totally normal! It's not weird at all to text with minors and then sell that content via monthly subscriptions.

If you were on social media this morning, you learned that the Texas Longhorns won the next four national titles and Texas A&M has given it's own football program the death penalty after the best high school player in Texas - Malik Jefferson - chose to play ball at UT.

Deep breath

[exhales Colorado's cash crop]

Alright. We good? It's going to be OK.

  1. Malik Jefferson is good. Really really damn good. Charlie Strong and Texas got a great young man with insanely special God-given ability to play the sport of football.
  2. Charlie Strong knows what the hell he's doing on defense and was able to sell that vision to Jefferson.
  3. Texas A&M does not currently have a defensive coordinator. For a fanbase that feeds on hyperbole, catastrophe, and instant gratification - this is hell. Or heaven. (I know some of y'all love being miserable).
  4. Maybe Malik Jefferson would be coming to Aggieland if Sumlin had his next defensive coordinator lined up. Sure would be nice, wouldn't it? Maybe he wouldn't.
  5. Sumlin knows what he is doing. This pending coordinator hire is sure to be a pivotal moment in his career. He's well aware that to accomplish what he's been tasked to do and to fulfill his own career ambitions, shit needs to get figured out on defense.
  6. This pivotal moment is bigger than any single recruiting battle. If Sumlin misses on this hire, his job will likely be lost not to mention any dreams of being a head NFL man. Maybe we should let him approach all of this on his own terms. He's the one who has to live with it.
  7. I'm excited. We have a shitload of young talent with some more on the way. The new defensive coordinator is walking into a pretty stellar situation.
  8. Take a second, breathe, and appreciate how good this 2015 class will be. Y'all know I went to A&M during the Fran years. In those days, a blue chip in Dallas wouldn't even have A&M in his Top 5. He was either going to Norman or Austin. That isn't the case anymore. Even with the loss of today's battle(s),Sumlin is recruiting at a clip never seen before at Texas A&M in the modern era.
  9. If you want to wallow in your shit and misery, there are online places for that codependency. I'm following Coach YESSIR. If that doesn't interest you - "get a dog".
Beat the Hell outta West Virginia. Gig 'em.