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Daily Bull 11.6.14

"On a Greyhound bus / Lord I'm travelin' this morning / I'm goin' to Shreveport and down to New Orleans / Been travelin' these highways and doin' things my way / It's been making me lonesome, on'ry and mean." - Mr. Waylon Arnold Jennings

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

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SALISBURY STEAK MYSTERY MEAT. Um. The Hill family has hired one Sean Salisbury as a life/football coach for young Kenny. You might remember Sean from his days of scalding-hot TAKES on ESPN. He was also a pioneer in the field of sending pictures of your penis via cellphone to coworkers. I guess if you've had enough missteps in life, you can probably offer some decent first-hand advice. Whatever. Point is - this wildly average former quarterback and life-liver is on retainer for our quarterback who was a Heisman candidate six weeks ago.

DINGED UP. DINGED UP BAD. Left tackle Germain Ifedi is out for the rest of the regular season. Furthermore, leading tackler Deshazor Everett is likely out. Is it good when a DB leads the team in tackles and said DB is likely out against a prolific offense? On the road?

TEMPO. I dunno know what that tempo or rhythm was against LA-Monroe. Reminded me of my crippling hangover days shuffling around a Waffle House trying to make sense of life and not hurl a platter of hash browns all over a mustached waitress. Meanwhile, Auburn just kind of does what they want and can shift from first to sixth gear on offense if the mood strikes. The constrasting pace of Saturday's game is going to be something to behold. /bites hunk of leather and weeps softly

HOOPS. The basketball fellas had an exhibition last night against Texas A&M-Commerce (where agriculturals and mechanicals are bought and sold) and came away with a rather tight W.

KICKIN'. KICKIN' ASS GOOD. The soccer gals are carrying on their Southeastern Conference ownage into tourney play after a 3-0 victory over Georgia yesterday in Alabama. The futbol chicas will face South Carolina tomorrow at 3:30. You can tune in on the SEC Network.

A SMILE, SHALL WE? Gratitude lists are good for the soul. Today, your list only needs one item:

Have a helluva Thursday, you guys. We love you despite what the Facebook haterz say.