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Daily Bull 11.20.14 - let's talk Texas for a spell.

"In the back of a Ranchero, I rode down to Laredo / Had a good time at the la posada, yea you know I was left alone. / On a rig out of El Paso, rainin' down in Houston / Told the truck driver put the pedal to the metal cause Houston gets me down." - Ryan Bingham

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

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[long, fat ass Bayou City belch]

In... Houston. In... December... In... the Texas Bowl.


College football's most petty, childish, prideful, and spiteful rivalry/divorce got some new wrinkles when the Longhorns became bowl eligible. On November 15th.

Now we done got some bowl projections and scorching taeks clamoring for a Horns-Ags match up. A couple things:

1. Neither team "needs" the game against the other. Stop with this. Nobody needs anyone. This sounds like a couple Xanax-fueled, plastic hens squawking at River Oaks Country Club. Go read some mommy blogs on codependency if this kind of chatter is interesting to you.

2. Everyone is scared of playing anyone. Another recurring scalding hot take spewed by both sides since 2011. Currently, the narrative pushed by Chip Brown and whoever else is looking for a shred of attention is that the Ags are "scared" to play Texas. Or the SEC is. Or whoever. Just look at this gangster mic drop to end an article. So bad ass. And oh man. The comments.

3. It doesn't have to be like this. The Ags and Horns will play again. The brass from both parties had visions of sugar plums and College Football Playoff match ups with some serious stakes. Isn't this Texas Bowl nonsense a little anti-climactic? You were excited for a first class blowout in Vegas with all your buddies. Now you're playing Buck Hunter at a Dave and Busters in Reno. Meanwhile, Baylor and TCU are clawing for shit that actually matters. Are we really going to renew one of the very best rivalries in college football in a sterile NFL stadium in a city best known for lack of planning and obesity?

4. Play this game every year during Hate/Rivalry Week. The following are stuff and things that do not "need" a game against each other to exist on earth. And yet, they play.

  • Georgia Tech and Georgia
  • Louisville and Kentucky
  • Clemson and South Carolina
  • Florida and Florida State
5. If this Texas Bowl match up happens, buckle up. Buckle up and get a roll-bar for two already somewhat insufferable fan bases becoming even more insufferable. The winner will claim #SCOREBOARD and state ownership. The loser will shrug and dismiss ever caring about the opposition or the lowly Texas Bowl. The reality is, this game would mostly serve as a glitzy 2015 Spring Game for both programs. I'm not of the belief that huge recruiting wins/losses would be at stake.

6. College football is fun because of rivalries and hate. And actually playing games in those rivalries. My position on all this pettiness remains the same - play the game annually. In November. On the campuses in Austin and College Station. Instead of bickering about who "needs" each other more, take a look at how Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney handle a bitter rivalry that is cross-conference and played annually. Fun, no?

Whatever, this is all likely much ado about nothing. It's BYE WEEK PART DEUX. BTHO LSU.