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Daily Bull 11.14.14

"Standin' down on Main Street, across from Mr, Blues / In my faded leather jacket and my weathered Brogan shoes / A chill north wind was blowin' but the spring was comin' on as I wondered to myself just how long I had been gone / So I strolled across old Main Street, walked down a flight of stairs, stepped into the hall and saw all my friends were there a neon sign was flashin' "Welcome come on in" / It feels so good feelin' good again..." - Robert Earl Keen

Ronald Martinez

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BAWL HAWKIN'. I love our receivers. All of 'em. I still think we're just scratching the surface on their potential as a unit - which is dadgum scary. Seals-Jones and Reynolds are playing the best ball they've played to date. Even scarier - this article on our receivers barely mentions the dude who is most-gifted in the bunch - one Speedy Noil.

OTHER GAMEZ. The merry band of idiots here at Good Bull Hunting keys you in to all the other shit you should watch this weekend. We're completely devoid of football analysis and utterly flush with awful life advice.

'LIGHTS. Our swaggy football social media account - AggieFBLife - has a solid highlight reel to get you jacked for tomorrow. Last Saturday was a damn delight.

TOMORROW: GBH GONG SHOW. Hang on to dem frosty nipples - we're tailgatin' tomorrow. Big. Really big. And it's GRATIS. That's dutch for free meat and hooch. We got some B1G weather, sure, but we also got these puppies:

Man, Texans are stubborn, independent, hardcore red asses. I'd follow most of your sorry asses into war, but holy balls are y'all a bunch of pusses when it comes to a little chill.

ALL THAT SAID. If you're one of our well-heeled River Oaks or Highland Park madams who reads our online periodical, I would like to borrow your fur coat tomorrow so I can look like this SEC legend:

IMPORTANT POLL. Oh, man. I got a doozy of a question for you cats today. This question came to me in my daily meditation sesh in my SEC-logo-ed sarong. Let me set this up for you...

Would you rather...

  1. Spend the entire 2015 college football season in a comfortable prison BUT you have multiple flat screens and all the necessary television networks to watch all the football you'd like. NOTE: "comfortable" means you're not going to have to fight or get violated, but you're also not getting conjugal visits and many freedoms. This is still prison. Also, you just go back to your normal life after the season is over like nothing really happened.
  2. OR would you rather have August 2015-January 2016 with NO college football whatsoever. It's just your life as it is now, but there is no college football. No Ags games to go to, nothing on the TV, etc. But you're FREE.