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Daily Bull 10.30.14

"Bluejean babies, old heartbreakers / Had a party with some Quakers / Heartworn highways, country singers / Radio's full old right-wingers / Session players, duct tape dealers / Outlaw country, hubcap stealers / Ain't no money in my wallet / Broke again is what they call it / My Grandmother's name was Spiller / Michael Jackson peaked at Thriller / All gone down on the road tonight" - Hayes Carll

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

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NEVER FORGET - ALWAYS EMBRACE DEBATE. Without fail, the most popular dude on campus when a football program is on a three game skid is the backup quarterback. MOXIE. GIVE IT A SHOT. Pause for a moment and realize that Kevin Sumlin - a man who forgot more about quarterbacking while eating his steak and raw eggs this morning than you'll ever know - has seen hundreds of hours of both of these guys with his naked eye. Maybe he knows? No matter. The GBH democracy has it under control and has voted Kyle Allen as the starter with a whopping 85%.

NO MORE UNIFORM CHATTER - WIN FOOTBALLS NEKKID. We're on the aforementioned three game bad streak. We're coming off a bye. We have a Sun Belt team coming to town in November. Buzz and SWAG are... waning. Take heart! The men are donning the 1939 unis on Saturday! And we here at GBH thought we should also redesign the 1989 unis when SWC bagmen reigned supreme and neckrolls were essentially royal crowns. Seriously though - read the comments. Some bitter old men in pleated pants think you can't be a winner AND wear uniforms with flair.

MISC. Things could be worse. Oh so much worse. Our favorite chef, Spilly, is also a die-hard Pitt Panther fan. Pitt has a damn good football history. Right now though? WOOF. Spilly went to Pitt Homecoming and the tales are just hilariously depressing. Be grateful for all that you have with Texas A&M.


***slimy coaches!*** Florida State (2) at Louisville (25) | 6:30 PM | ESPN

***hipster undercard*** Troy at Georgia Southern | 6:30 PM | ESPNU