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Daily Bull 10.3.14

"Now my brother went to college cause he played football / I'm still hangin' round cause I'm a little bit small / I got me a 67 Chevy, she's low and sleek and black / Someday I'll put her on that interstate and never look back" - Steve Earle

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

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PREVIEW AT THE MOTHERSHIP. Scope out this video preview over at SB Nation on tomorrow's massive game.

ALL CAPS RAGE. Ne'er-do-well, miscreant, and motivational speaker stringsays is here to get you strung out for tomorrow with ALL CAPS. Try-too-hard youth pastor and general boob Danny Kannell is put on blast. There is a cottage industry in pissing off overly-sensitive Aggie fans if you're a media member. Your name will always get recognition!

WHILE YOU WE'RE SLEEPING a team ranked higher than the Ags went down last night. Just handle your business tomorrow, Ags.

CARTOGRAPHY - COOL! This map is really great from those college football hating commies at the New York Times. It zeroes in on which college football team is most popular by ZIP CODE. Surprising no one, many under-educated zips have Texas and Alabama fans.

BAD CHOICES. The two wittiest sumbitches in college football wordsmithing had a little chat about their not-so-prudent life decisions. YOUR TASK: expound upon this with your life in the comments. I'll start:

  • I really thought I had a future in minor league hockey when I was 18 and moved to Toledo, Ohio to pursue this dream/nightmare. I was cut in training camp.
  • The only footrace I've ever won was at a Montana ranch. It was dusk. We were naked. The unknown finish line tape was a barbed wire fence that I ran into.
  • I thought at the age of 24 I was too old to do something crazy like move to New York.
  • I went to an A&M game in Lubbock. Dennis Wayne Franchione was the coach.
  • I once "slept" on a park bench in the Oxford, MS Square for an evening.
  • Countless others. Probably involved a woman and a mind-altering substance.