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Daily Bull 10.24.14

"We want people who hate to lose, like myself." - Snoop Dogg

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

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CLEMSONING. I was rather miffed when news dropped yesterday that the Ags backed out of the future series with Oregon. I'm still sulking a bit (life is hard, you see) because I've been itching to go to Autzen for some time, but a mighty fine consolation prize was offered today with a series replacement with the Clemson Tigers in 2018-2019. I made the road trip to Clemson in 2005 that ended in heartbreak, but let me tell you - it was a fantastic time otherwise. Gorgeous campus, nice folks, great in-game experience, the belles - oh the belles. Point is, start stuffing the piggy bank and make this trip.

HATIN' ASS OBC. The newest installment of EDSBS's Hatin' Ass Spurrier dropped yesterday, and coach has some bitter passive aggression for the Ags:

If football had seven quarters, the Aggies could have written the lyrics to Seven Nation Army chant on the scoreboard.

Related: as a society, can we please put a bullet in that song's big, fat head?

SHOW ME CHANGE. Every job is open. Long, hard look in the mirror. Wake up call. Yada yada. We probably won't know what has actually changed until the men go to Auburn on November 8th. Namely, a change signifying a modicum of pride and general giving-a-shit. The good thing is that these intangible qualities are easily observed by not having your teeth kicked in for 60 minutes in the trenches.

SHERIFF J-TRAIN. One of my personal favorites, Mr. Jorvorskie Lane, stopped a car burglary this week outside of Houston. When Train's football career concludes, I sure as hell hope he finds a gig in law enforcement with a reality show featuring the badassery, naturally.


Have a great weekend, gang. Be good to one another. It's BYE week after all.