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Daily Bull 10.17.14

Phish is not a good band.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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#BLOGTALK STUFF. I'm kicking the tires on this new chat software with a dude over at Roll Bama Roll. You can follow the chat in real time.  Toss out some questions in the comments and I'll be sure to ask provided you aren't being a nincompoop. Also, I fielded some static questions for the good dudes and crazy commenters for Roll Bama Roll. Stay tuned to the comments to see if anyone threatens my family!

CAPS MEANS BUSINESS. Need to tie off an artery and mainline some liquid coke? NOT recommended. Instead, please read stringsays' latest installment of ALL CAPS. FEED THIS CONTENT TO THE TEAM AND UNLEASH HELL, COACH.

GUT CHECKS. Both the Ags and the Tide really really need wins to lay the groundwork for the remainder of their seasons. While the game lacks the hype of the last two match ups, there's a big helping of nice story lines, including this in-depth profile from Roll Bama Roll on the player who sealed the Tide's loss the last time the Aggies visited. We'll need #29 and #31 to be plenty active in stopping the run game tomorrow.

PUNT TALK. Bama's punter is currently averaging a healthy does more yards per pun than Drew, so naturally thacktor and Dr. Camacho rallied to the #Kaser4Heisman cause when they went on the Alabama Gettin' Chippy podcast earlier in the week. This somehow devolved into a discussion on international crime-fighting punters and if you don't believe me just give it a click.

EZ KNOWS BEST. He's goin' old-school wisdom this week. Things were tough back then, and we liked it.

Have a hell of a weekend, y'all.