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Rest in Peace, Dr. Jim Hu

We lost a wonderful writer and Aggie professor last week.

I never met Jim Hu.

I got to know him gradually over the years in the same way I get to know many who write on this site: through words. When he first began to write for Good Bull Hunting, I was happy that Women’s Basketball was going to have a voice, as it is consistently one of the best-performing major sports at Texas A&M. But in the back of my mind there was the worry that he would eventually lose interest, or tire of writing game recaps. That life would get in the way as it does for so many of us. I could not have been more wrong.

Jim was, instantly and by far, the most consistent, professional, and dedicated author I’ve had the pleasure to edit over the past eight years. Over time, I gradually began to understand why. Jim Hu was a full-time professor, a doctor of molecular biology, and had the unanimous respect of his colleagues. He led a full and rewarding life, which you can read about here. The fact that he even had time to follow Gary Blair’s program was impressive. The fact that he was able to cover it as well as anyone covers Womens’ Basketball for any outlet is nothing short of damned impressive.

Jim’s dedication to the sport, and his passion for covering the Aggies was inspiring. There were many times when I felt stuck in a rut, unable or unwilling to try to write something about Aggie sports, and I’d read a comprehensive game recap and preview of the next opponent that he’d churned out in the wee hours before going in for another full day of research, or lectures, or any of the immense responsibilities he must have had, and I’d think to myself, “what am I doing that’s more important than that, and if he can find time to write, why can’t I?”

He covered every game. All of them. His recaps are informative, easy to read, and paint a vivid picture of all the action. You know which players led the way to victory or which ones had off nights. He attended most of the home games in person, and some of the away games too. He often used photos in his pieces that he’d taken himself. If he were traveling for work, he’d make time to watch, even on a delay. If the games were not broadcast, he’d get creative and find a stream somehow. Local radio, whatever. He loved the sport, and he loved to write about it, and as a result, Good Bull Hunting was fortunate enough to have some of the best and most comprehensive Women’s Basketball coverage on the Internet for the past seven seasons.

Rest in Peace, Dr. Hu. Your words will live here forever.