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A&M signs a new president before NSD

A signing that should matter a lot more in the long run.


Multiple sources are reporting that the current president of the Univ. of Washington, Michael K Young, will be the next president of Texas A&M University. Young has only been at UW since 2011, having moved from the University of Utah where he was president from 2004-2011. After clerking for SCOTUS justice William Rehnquist, Young rose through the faculty ranks at the Columbia University, where he was the Fuyu Professor of Japanese Law before being recruited by George Washington law school to be the dean and a distinguished professor.

The video is of his discussion of the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs Board decision.

Assuming his hiring becomes official, Young would take over from interim president Mark Hussey, who has done the job since Bowen Loftin decamped for Mizzou.

At UW, Young (or someone) wrote a blog about his philosophy of leading the university. His time at UW seems a bit on the short side to be moving on, but its interesting to note that when he's not leading William and Mary, Bob Gates and his wife Becky live in the Seattle area (Mrs Gates met with the WBB team when they played there). Young served in the State department under President George H.W. Bush, and I suspect that he and Gates crossed paths both in DC and while Gates was president here and Young was president at Utah.

The Atlantic did an extensive interview with president Young in 2013, which you can watch here.