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Daily Bull 1.3.16

Okay, we are officially a basketball school now.

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Kyle Drobbins' spirit is what powers the Aggie Basketball team.
Kyle Drobbins' spirit is what powers the Aggie Basketball team.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

CCC Cold Weather

PORK BELLY BBQ IN REED WAS SUCCESSFUL. The men's basketball team opened conference play with a bang last night against Arkansas.The 92-69 dominance was helped along with Alex Caruso breaking the school record for steals and Jalen Jones' 28 point addition. This is an impressive team and it's showing with the 11,000+ attendance for a game during a school break. The 12th Man is showing up and it's an exciting time for Aggie Basketball.

BASKETBALL, GET YOUR BASKETBALL HERE. The women's team continues the SEC Basketball fever by hosting Georgia today. The SEC Opener is favored for the Ags and will be on the SEC Network today at 4 PM.

AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU STOPPED WATCHING BOWL GAMES YESTERDAY. For anyone who turned off, yet another blowout bowl game that was the Alamo Bowl at halftime, you might want to check out the final score this morning. The impressive return of the Horny Toads was attributed to a series of downfalls of the Oregon team, but most importantly Gary Patterson changed his shirt at halftime. Thus confirming that if your team is losing, you're wearing the wrong clothes.

JOHNNY IS IN HOT WATER AGAIN. Which sounds nice, it's really cold out. The USA today has some very "credible" sources reporting that Jonathan Paul Manziel was at a blackjack table in the Planet Hollywood Casino. At this point, Johnny should go the way of Elvis and have impersonators all over the country. He just might save the printed media industry with this tactic alone. People literally watching your every move has to be tiring, but the best thing for him might just be getting fired from his current job because anywhere is better than Cleveland.