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Daily Bull 9.6.15: It Takes Everyone

*wakes up from black out* What happened? Did football happen? It did? *faints*

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

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"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards


  • Stringsays is back with his Postgame Thoughts. Pretty much he's going to throw money at Coach Chavis to make up for the measly pay Texas A&M is currently giving him because he deserves more.
  • Rush has the By the Numbers up right now.You can see that we are mathematically superior and HOLY HELL NINE SACKS.
  • The mothership is extremely pleased with us with week one of Wake Up, College Football! It starts off with the whoomp-whoomp sadness of the Notre Dame-Texas game so you get your dose of schadenfreude for the day.
  • Sports Illustrated apparently thought ASU would be better than they actually are (seriously I knew they weren't a cupcake school, but still) and had a revelation that A&M might do well this season.
  • How well could A&M do this year? Stewart Mandel is decorating his playoff party in maroon. Can we jump on the CFB playoff wagon just yet? BAS should let you know to be cautious and wait until further into the season, but it is perfectly fine for you to have extraordinary Sunday Dreams.
  • Cuppycup was released from his detainment room and shot a cool video on the field. He got dangerously close to Kyler but stayed far enough away that he didn't draw attention. (Please credential GBH more, officials. We are well behaved.)
  • I'm really digging Coach Sumlin's motto of it taking everyone to win a game. Hell yes, it does. See the wet and wild postgame locker room speech here.
  • Dude Bro, it'll be okay. Not to perpetrate sadness and mental instability, but an ASU fan was functional enough to post a very interesting video last night. I would like this video to be played at student orientation as a promotion to buy student tickets.
THERE ARE OTHER AGGIE SPORTS GOING ON TODAY, I PROMISE. The Volleyball team is up at 1 PM on the against New Mexico State on the second day of their invitational. (Previous game recaps here). Aggie Soccer is playing Abilene Christian (I assumed they took the same bus with their volleyball team) tonight at 6 PM. Both games are in College Station and will air on SEC Network+.

Plenty more ASU coverage to follow, so you can celebrate this win hard until the next Tailgate.