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Daily Bull 9.20.15: Aggie Football Wrap-up

College football was the best thing ever yesterday. It's like that significant other that keeps leaving you every year, but when y'all are together again, it's magnificent.

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Adidas Black Ice Now Available!

We all oohed and aahed over the uniforms Aggie Football will wear on Halloween. Now you can purchase several items from Adidas' 2015 Black Ice collection at Aggieland Outfitters.


  • mattywatty01 gives an excellent summary because he actually knows what he's talking about with three good take aways from yesterday's game.
  • By the Numbers with Rush is a list of good things and some concerning items that might be something to stress over if you're looking to stress this morning.
  • Stringsays is a little perturbed by yesterday's performance and gives his analysis of where we need improvements in the Postgame Thoughts.
  • Oh the Ags are now #15, by the way, no big deal.


  • So LSU is kinda scary. Leonard Fournette is a magical human being that is both large and can run insanely fast over, through, above and across Auburn players. All of my comments about him will be positive and uplifting so that way he won't be inspired to run over any of our players. I think our defense is pretty good, but I'm going to help in any way I can.
  • Ole Miss and Alabama...happened? It was an emotional rollercoaster even for non-fan observers. Ole Miss is certainly proving that they have been under-ranked so far and should expect a jump to the tip top of the polls this week. If not, there should be extra rioting in Oxford.
  • Bielema got ran over by the Air Raid bad last night. I like to see that our prospects of winning an SEC game are good, but it would be nice if an SEC team didn't muck it up and lose so much. It makes winning not as fun. Bonus: If you read too much into this situation, Kliff still likes us.
  • This is just for humor's sake, but watching the Texas-Cal game should have given you a fit of giggles when their kicker missed the extra point after an impressive come back. It was like watching a Sherman game but we weren't the ones getting screwed over. Whether or not you care about playing Texas in the future, the dumpster fire in Austin has caught the near by mustache wax and suspenders boutique ablaze. Will stay tuned for more hijinks provided by the orange and the white.

HOT DAMN JOHNNY FOOTBALL IS STILL LIVING. Johnny Manizel has proved that he is a fantastic quarterback despite the haters who keep discounting him and he will be starting for the Browns this week.

PHRASING! Texas A&M's most favorite chancellor is here to stay for another five years! Huzzah! John Sharp extended his contract with the Board of Regents at the regular September meeting of the BOR and managed to negotiate a $400,000 increase in his current $500,000 salary. Which means you are probably terrible at your job if you can't get an 80% increase on your salary, also you're inadequate for not making $900,000 a year anyway. But bonus kudos goes to KBTX for this very carefully punctuated headline.