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Daily Bull 8.9.15: Football is finally here.

Get your duffle packed--it's the first day of Fall Camp.

Invite Clay Honeycutt over to your house then have a vote to kick him out because that is entertainment.
Invite Clay Honeycutt over to your house then have a vote to kick him out because that is entertainment.
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Y'ALLLLLLLL FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE ACTUALLY FOOTBALLING. Today marks the first day of fall camp. All the kiddos you've been creepily stalking while they were in high school are now in College Station getting pumped for BTHOing everyone. With the new rule changes about when to start fall camps, most of the players have been on campus chillaxing with classes and individual workouts. I'm excited for locker room four square to start again. My money is on Conner McQueen to take top spot.

GET PUMPED FOR SOCCER. Yesterday's Legacy Game with the A&M Soccer team exhibited the new talents for the coming year. 1,500 more-redass-fans-than-you showed up to watch the scrimmage. Sophomores Karlie Mueller and Mikaela Harvey made it hard on freshman keeper Mia Hummel but didn't let anything past her. McKayla Paulson knocked in the only goal for the day assisted by Haley Pounds. The team is fairly young especially after so many great players graduating this year, but everyone is optimistic for the season.

YOUR FAVORITE HOUSE GUEST IS GONE. Guess this means you can stop watching Big Brother so intently like you do every week. I'm sorry to say that Clay Honeycutt is now out of the running for winning challenge? house? What do they win for staying in a house? I mean I know some folks that can squat in a dwelling for much longer than they are welcome. Doesn't seem too hard of a challenge. But anyway, Clay is back on social media and is increasingly proving that we should have sent him so much GBH merchandise because he likes us, he really likes us.

WHAT IS THIS? The Longhorns get to have Torchy's in their stadium? Nonsense. It's now up to Fuego to one up them so I can have my Dr Pepper Cowboy during Fightin' Texas Aggie First Downs.