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Daily Bull 8.8.15: Let's go to Whataburger

How many taquitos is too many?


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AGGIE SPORTS THINGS ARE HAPPENING TODAY. Texas A&M's most adored football team, Aggie Women's Soccer makes their debut at the Legacy Game today at 8 PM at Ellis Field. The game will be two 20 minute halves with over 25 alumni attending the half-time program including All-Americans Amy Berend, Kelley Monogue and Kristen Strutz.

ICYMI. RCB had a field day with uniforms yesterday. Make sure you read about how uniforms reflect the status of a football program and utter geeking and critiquing of the new reveal this week.

JOHNNY DID NICE THINGS WITH FOOTBALLS. The Browns had their scrimmage yesterday in Ohio Stadium and Johnny has come through so much adversity that comes with having to live in Cleveland to give some encouragement for his contributions to the team this year. Good going, Jonathan.

THANKS POTENTIAL SPONSOR, WHATABURGER. No, really Whataburger should sponsor us because that would be fantastic. This is just a good Texas citizen reminder that it is the 65th anniversary of the only acceptable orange establishment and to celebrate Whataburger is giving free drink and fry upgrades because this is America. It's also Tax-Free Weekend so take your significant other through the drive through on the way to the outlet mall nearest you. It's a great day to be a Texan.

Have a fantastic Saturday.