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Daily Bull 8.29.15: Choose your music


Stacy Revere/Getty Images

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

DOWN ON THE FARM. The Aggie Volleyball team had an unfortunate start to the season with a sweep loss against #2 Stanford yesterday. The Ags take on Minnesota today at 6:30PM in their final match in Palo Alto.

THE CALIFORNIANS CAN'T TAKE US ALL. Last night was Fish Camp night at Ellis where the Aggie Soccer team gave UC Irvine a beat down with a 4-0 finish. The over 5,000 fans who attended gave a great ambiance to the nearly flawless game. High hopes are expected for this coming season.

TV GUIDE TO AGGIE FOOTBALL. I'd say this is the last off-season article but that would be over-promising and under delivering. the GBH authors have some interesting analyses and comparisons to popular television shows. Personally, I think that the A&M network executives are banking on Sumlin to be their Saturday primetime winner especially with their launch of the spin off The Chief.

ZOMG THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT IT. The SEC Network has done a little preview on next week's game and it's nice to see some love towards Kyle Allen since the rest of the sports people were somehow confused as to why he was chosen to start instead of Kyler.

SWANKY. Coach Sumlin is hip with the kids. He knows what they want and he's getting praise for it working with his players. However, it seems that the author of this article might be unfamiliar with the music of the younger generation

A visit to Texas A&M football practice is musically akin to a trip to a swanky hip-hop club in downtown Houston or a hot spot on Miami’s South Beach

We all can't be hip, it's okay. Just glad to see someone trying.