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Daily Bull 8.2.15: Aggie Football Preview Version

You want previews? Go read the best.

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I FOR ONE ACCEPT OUR NEW FUZZY TENNIS BALL OVERLORD. Promotions are great and assistant tennis coach Mark Weaver has been officially bumped up as head coach of Texas A&M Women's tennis. He's been associate and assistant coach for the past eight seasons, and before that served a s volunteer coach for 6 years. EVEN MORE GREAT Weaver served as a student-athlete for Texas A&M tennis and is a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 1994. Whoop. This was sort of expected after the was a gap left by Head Coach Howard Joffe leaving for Texas. Glad to see him on.

IT'S WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL SUMMER. Okay you've been waiting for summer to end but this helps, I promise. Bill Connelly's 128 College Football Team Countdown has landed on Texas A&M and you should go read it. It seems that Bill actually enjoyed writing this one (which hasn't been the case for some teams, bless that man.) Overall it is pretty positive and the outlook leaves much room for hope, but it's way too all encompassing to sum up here so go read it and drool.

BOUNCYBALL HOPES? Aggie Basketball has landed a new recruit in gaurd Raquan Mitchell to wrap up the 2015 recruiting season. Mitchell is serving as an immediate replacement of Peyton Allen who transferred to Wichita State this summer.

Hey I heard you like Aggie things? And talking about how things change at A&M and how New Army ruins everything. Here's a cool Aggie song to get your Sunday going.