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Daily Bull 7.5.15

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

I HOPE YOU'RE STILL PRIMED FOR SOME GREAT AMERICA-ING TODAY. After a loss Friday, last night on the day of our nation's birthday, the USA collegiate baseball team defeated Cuba, 11-1.(Series 3-1, USA) The big contributor was Aggie Nick Banks with a two run homer. He currently is leading the team with a .429 average. The record high score against Cuba was contributed in part by two of their best players defecting to North Carolina. I might have picked a better state, but that's just me. USA wraps up this week with another game with Cuba, then on to Canada, and the USA Pan Am Games team in the Americas Baseball festival.

THE MAIN EVENT! AMERICA! HOLDING ON TO THE LEGACY OF OUR GRANDPARENTS! The USA Women's National Soccer Team has made it to the big show and you should be pumped. Here's a little preview for the game. Vancouver is going to be hopping tonight at 6 PM and you can watch on Fox. Like, actual Fox where the local news comes on an hour early. Anyway, this has been a great ride for the USWNT and we are very excited! Check out PFT Commenter say all trash talk you need for this game. AMERICA!