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Daily Bull 7.19.15

Courtney Williams at the Pan American Games
Courtney Williams at the Pan American Games
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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AMERICA! Courtney Williams made a crucial contribution to the United States Women's basketball team in the Pan American games this weekend. She scored five points helping the US in their 93-77 win over Puerto Rico. They go onto the semifinals today with Cuba at 12:30 on ESPN3.

RYAN PALMER STORMS BRITISH OPEN. Well he's doing alright. Currently the class of 1999 Ag is sitting at a tied 20th place in the Open with a five under score for today. Watch the Open on ESPN.

I SEE YOU HAVE MANY GREAT QUARTERBACKS, WOULD YOU LIKE MORE? Seems to be one of those first world problems, but one of the top QB 2017 recruits, Tate Martell has made a visit to College Station this weekend. The five-star HS junior had a swell time in Aggieland and was impressed with the campus atmosphere and athletic facilities. (I guess that waterfall hot tub room is working. Biggest issue is the fact that there's already fantastic QBs on the Aggie roster. Hopefully, Martell sees it as a challenge and isn't too distracted with his family's feud with the Lannisters.