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Daily Bull 7.12.15

"That old sun is rising, That water is clear, I watch my lure as it's flying through the air. I see a ripple, I hear a splash. Lord have mercy, It's a five pound bass." -REK

Scott A. Williams/Gannett Central Wisconsin Media

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FIVE POUND BASS. Actually, they nearly caught a three pounder. The Texas A&M Bassmasters finished at the top of the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship this weekend. Josh Bensema and Matthew McArdle had a last minute catch that pushed them over into first place beating out 70 other universities. BTHO--shhh you'll scare the fish, no yelling.

NEWEST LETTERMEN. There's a fancy special club at A&M that you can get in if you are an awesome former athlete who had contributed to the schools athletic success and represented Texas A&M for years after you leave school, or you're a yell leader. (xoxo Fletcher). This week six new inductees from a range of sports were given this honor: Nicky Thrasher Adams (soccer), Bob Ellis (men's golf coach), Tolga Koseoglu (track), Keith Mitchell (football), John Scheschuk (baseball) and William Thomas (football). Whoop.

ESS-EEE-SEE MEDIA DAYS ARE TOMORROW. Kate Hairopoulos gave away all her questions for SEC Media days here. You're not supposed to let other bloggers see what you're gonna ask, you're just letting them copy off of you, Kate. Speaking of bloggers, don't forget to follow Chuck as he ventures off to pretend to be a real news guy while using vacation days in Hoover, Alabama. Remember to pack pants.